Vilkår og betingelser


Below are general travel conditions for HIDDEN PARADISE AS (hereinafter referred to as HP). These terms apply to all our group trips, unless there are special travel conditions for the trip in question. On journeys with special conditions, this will result from the tour presentation or in a separate contract.


Registration can be done electronically via our website, by e-mail or by email. telephone. The agreement between the parties is deemed to have been entered into by a confirmed order and includes acceptance of the tour’s travel conditions. Please check the booking confirmation carefully as soon as you receive it.Please ensure that the names of all travelers match the passport. Any errors must be corrected before payment of the deposit takes place. Later change will incur a fee.

Deposit and final payment

After booking the trip you will receive a travel confirmation / invoice. The deposit must be paid within seven days. The deposit size is set on the basis of our payment obligations to subcontractors. The final payment is due 65 days before departure. If it is less than 65 days for departure at the time of booking, invoice will be sent for the full amount with a short payment deadline. In case of non-payment 2 days after the due date, HP is free to cancel the order. The travel documents are sent by e-mail approximately two weeks before departure.

Changed / deviating flight

When booking a flight other than that included in the package travel price, the supplement agreed with HP shall be paid within seven days and is non-refundable. When booking flights outside of our group tickets, HP is not responsible for extra expenses for any delays, such as. by late attendance for shuttle bus. We also note that most airlines cancel the return journey if the departure is not used.

Cancellation against fee

Cancellation must be in writing. Non-payment of deposit does not apply as cancellation. In case of cancellation or no-show, the following fees apply:

• Up to 105 days before departure: NOK 750 per day. person.

• From 105 to 65 days before departure: The deposit amount

• From 64 to 36 days before departure: 50% of the travel price

• For 36 days prior to departure date and in case of no-show departure day: No refund

In some cases, the cancellation policy may deviate from this as a result of warranties and payment obligations to subcontractors. In this case, this is stated in the relevant tour’s program on our website.

Cancellation in case of force majeure

The traveler has the right to cancel if, at the destination or in the immediate vicinity of it, during the last 14 days prior to the journey, war acts, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated are found and there is reasonable reason to believe that these conditions will also apply when the journey is to take place. In case of cancellation of the reasons mentioned above, the amount paid back will be refunded. However, the trip cannot be canceled by the above-mentioned reasons if the event which forms the basis for the cancellation was or should have been known at the time of booking.

Travel and cancellation insurance

All travelers must have valid travel insurance, as well as a European Health Insurance Card for travel in Europe. HP also recommends taking out a cancellation insurance, if this is not included in the travel insurance itself. Cancellation insurance should be taken out with your insurance company in connection with booking the trip. The traveler is responsible for drawing the necessary insurance.

Passports and visas

Please note that many countries, shipping companies and airlines require the passport to be valid at least six months after the return date. This also applies to traveling in Europe. Visa requirements for current destinations are stated on the website. We relate to visa regulations for Norwegian citizens. If you do not travel with a Norwegian passport, you must check the visa rules for your citizenship for the destination in question. It is the traveler’s responsibility to arrange for a valid passport and any visa upon departure.


Prices are subject to price changes due to circumstances beyond our control. This applies primarily to currency changes, as well as increases in taxes and fees. HP reserves the right

to invoice supplements due to any changes. This goes both ways, so the traveler is thus entitled to a price reduction if the costs are reduced. Any additions will be notified no later than 20 days before departure. In case of a price increase of more than 8%, the traveler has the opportunity to cancel the agreement and have the paid amount refunded.


Unless otherwise stated in the program, a group tour is based on a minimum of 20 paying participants.With fewer participants, HP has the opportunity to cancel the trip, increase the price or offer the trip without a Norwegian travel guide. This must be notified to the traveler no later than 20 days before departure. Flight time and airline information is preliminary until the flight ticket is issued. There are reservations about possible printing errors in the program or on the website. Significant changes that take place after ordering must be notified to the traveler in writing. Unforeseen events beyond our control, such as strikes, closed roads, weather and sailing conditions, can lead to program changes on a group trip. In such cases, HP reserves the right to make program changes such as change of itinerary, change of means of transport, accommodation in cooperation with our local partners without liability arising.

The traveler’s duties

All participants must be able to handle their own luggage and be able to travel without assistance. Special needs on the flight and during the trip must be stated when registering. Please note that the tour guides cannot provide special assistance to any of the participants during the trip. The traveler is obliged to abide by the rules given by public authorities and HP’s representatives and must not act as a nuisance to fellow travelers or others. The traveler must be in sufficiently good physical shape and otherwise fit to attend the journey. If the traveler grossly disregards his or her duties, he may be refused or excluded from the remainder of the voyage without being entitled to a refund from the organizer. In case of exclusion after the journey has commenced, the traveler may be ordered to bear the costs himself by changing his return journey.

The traveler can be made liable for damages if he deliberately or negligently causes the organizer losses, among other things by failing to comply with the provisions mentioned above.

Lack of travel

The traveler is obliged to notify in a timely manner if he discovers a lack of travel. If the defect is discovered after the journey has started, the traveler must advertise on the spot (to HP’s tour guide or office in Oslo), so that these are given an opportunity to rectify the defect. If a problem cannot be resolved satisfactorily on the spot, it can be complained in writing to HP within two weeks of returning home. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily for passengers or HP, the matter can be referred to the Complaints Board.

General terms

HP acts as an intermediary between the customer on one side and the airline, agent and hotels on the other side. Otherwise, reference is made to the Package Travel Act of 15.06.2018, as well as General Terms and Conditions for Package Travel of 01.07.2018 and, in particular, their wording that «Information given in catalogs or brochures or other information material that the organizer has prepared or refers to is considered part of Agreement».